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Super Bowl 2004      Wednesday, February 04, 2004  

The first thing coming to anyone's when we think of super bowl 2004 is not the game tactics, not the fact that the first 2 quarters were a drab, not the lucky victory of the patriots BUT it is the halftime show and specifically ... the "baring" tactics conjured by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

Since the team from our state lost, it would make more sense for me to focus on the baring issue, which not so surprisingly has hogged the headlines more than the actual game. Interestingly , Janet ... the 40 or so year old pop star, competing with talented 20 year olds, will be releasing an album soon. Weird coincidence, I bet ! I'm no neo-conservationist, but the lengths that some people stoop to gain publicity seems surprisingly despicable. I cannot imagine the plights of people watching this with their parents and trying to explain the act to their small kids. Whats more interesting, they initially said that the whole thing was an accident, a "ward-drobe malfunction" ! As one viewer in CNN rightly put ... "If they think americans are dumb enough to buy that argument, they gotta be kidding" . I saw this while waiting in the airport for my Atlanta flight on monday morning, thats right, I was one of the chosen unfortunate few to be travelling for a work meeting, the morning after super bowl night.

The atlanta travel by itself was eventful. The flight got delayed due to snow and ice there and by the time I landed there I was 2 hours late for the meeting that i'm supposed to run, it was raining now and I had skipped my lunch. By the time I got into the rental car I was cold, wet, hungry and late for the meeting. I was wondering "can this possibly get worse?" , and then it did ...

The break light and check engine light turned on in the dashboard. Not wanting to risk a forced car towing, i veered back the car rental place and took another car. Now that I look back upon the whole incident, I do not have any "can it get worse" kinda feeling ... it surely could have been much much worse !

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The thaw and my muscle tear      Friday, January 30, 2004  

The ice is finally beginning to melt and go away. I ended up working from home three days of this week. This is probably a flip side to the obvious advantage of working from home, when you can talk on and on in conference calls, do your normal work and still be sitting in your old dirty tee-shirt, underwear, ruffled hair and unshaven face (ok ... so I made up the underwear part and added it for spice , what the hell ?!! ) . The flip side to this whole comfort is you have to be working rain or shine and cannot excuse yourself from work just because there is a storm outside .... as long as you have power that is !

This weekend will be exciting, with the Panthers going to super bowl . It probably deserves a seperate post, so I'm holding it off here.

I was being too stupid and added extra weights without caution in the gym . Result ... ? a possible muscle tear in my left shoulder ... damn thing pains like anything. I've been putting hot and cold packs to alleviate it . Not sure if I have to feel proud for my sports/work-out injury or just wince in pain !

On a totally different note, I saw this absolutely shocking article in yahoo news today. We, as humans are getting more evolved in terms of technology and related achievements. But can we say the same thing in terms of social evolution ? Sometimes , some events lead us to think otherwise. This link on a Cannibal in Germany is so disgustingly shocking and sick that it made me think we as a global community have a lot of work ahead of us to attain good levels of social evolution. Maybe it is more shocking that such a thing is happening in first world and not in some deep jungle tribal heartland in third world.


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Snow, Ice, Sleet .... and what else ??      Monday, January 26, 2004  

This winter has been eventful so far in terms of snow, and ice . On the average it snows here only once or twice a year. But this year we have had snow and ice storms in Raleigh 4 times already and old man winter still has 3 months more to live.

Even as I am typing this, I am sitting in my home office (okay, I am supposed to be working now, but please gimme a break folks!) , totally snowed in by 2 days of snow and sleet this weekend. The office buildings are closed today, public schools are closed. I'm now living in a preppie neighborhood, with lotsa yanks from up north . Its funny when I hear them say "you guys are shut down for this much snow ?" . I guess they have seen much much worse, which ofcourse is not surprising.

The thought of scraping the ice off my car, enduring the cold winds whilst doing it and negotiating ice laden roads while trying not to skid while driving is ..... bone chilling (pun intended !!) .

I so vividly remember the first time I saw snow here in my life , I was like "wow, this is so awesome" etc etc .... a friend of mine then said "wait till next winter and observe your own reaction" . Now that many winters have passed since then, my only reaction whenever I see snow and ice storms is "when will this crap end ?!!"

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Christmas and New Year      Sunday, January 04, 2004  

I had postponed the apartment moving so I can enjoy the vacation. Yeah ... I went to west coast again, flew in to SFO and drove to LA from there. "Frisco" (as some locals refer to San Francisco) is one of the few cities where I saw downtown to be a cool place to hang out rather than seedy part of the town. West coast seems awesome .... climate, people, vibrancy ... everything is good, EXCEPT for the cost of living . Well, I may hevt to add traffic and difficulty of finding parking places as well. Its probably worth putting up with those factors to remain in such a cool place.

Now that I have dragged my butt back to Raleigh , I have to deal with the moving stuff. Somehow things like moving being one of the stressful things of a person's life keep coming to my mind. Oh well, I guess I just have to deal with it. I am moving to Cary(a smalltown suburb of Raleigh for the uninitiated) and I keep hearing interesting nicknames about Cary. One is Cary- the town of married people with kids and other is Cary - Containment Area of Relocated Yankees .

Its basically a calm town where you can lead a peaceful life and ofcourse you can go to Raleigh on weekend nights(about 10 miles drive) to have wild fun !

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Thanks Giving 2003      Friday, December 05, 2003  

We organized this awesome reunion of a good bunch of my undergrad friends (yeah ... fellow geeks who did electronics engineering with me!) . I flew down to Phoenix and then drove from there to Vegas, did the custom walk in Vegas strip all night and then drove to LA and then back to Phoenix .

It was a very good trip and a nice way to spend Thanksgiving... to see people we have not seen in years and to analyze and make fun of each others' increased waistlines and decreased hairlines ..... well ....... life is fun !! Since I enjoy long distance driving, I relished the driving through AZ, NV and CA highways. I even ended up doing 110 mph in Phoenix-Vegas stretch . Yeah btw ... if you are some law enforcement person reading this, please bear in mind that I am not sane , so what I say cannot be held against me :-)

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     Monday, November 03, 2003  

I have heard complaints from a lot of people now for my lack of blogging for a while. Just been having too many things at same time. The last few weeks have been eventful, one side was the security audits, which was like a damn courtroom, where you speak only when spoken to. Otherside, there was this committee I am leading , where constant talking is the order of the day. well, life goes on ......

Here is an interesting quip I found in the net ........ we have heard of love marriages, arranged marriages and even child marriages in the last century. But, Charity Marriage ?!! Here is a wierd case where a guy marries a girl and her handicapped sister, so that she is taken care of in life. I'm not sure if this is right or wrong, thats probably a debatable issue. The link above also has opinions of different people.

PS: This marriage was made legal since all the 3 people involved made consenting signatures, wierd huh ?!

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NYC      Saturday, October 11, 2003  

I was in New York City last week for a conference. I was sorta away from work for 3 days last week and hence this week has been busy at work.

I'm sure everyone gets this feeling of being overwhelmed when she/he goes to NYC . In one way it is not surprising since it is described as the Rome of the modern world and as the saying "All roads lead to Rome" goes, it is the hub of all activity throughout the world. Due to this, no matter where you are from, you are bound to get this feeling of getting overwhelmed when you go to New York City.

Traffic, traffic and more traffic ..... people, people and more people, everything around is buzzing with activity. For a small town junky like me from this teeny weeny town called Raleigh, NC ....... this sure was overwhelming. It was a fun trip anyways, especially since it is free :-)

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